Hey frenz,

I recently messed up with my system.....

A few months ago i encrypted certain files and folders on one of my
NTFS partitioned drives E: in XP Pro.....

I don't know that all encryption keys and certificates will be stored
in my (user) profile and in my OS-installed drive,which in my case is
Drive C:

A few days ago i formatted my C: drive to install a fresh copy of my

After successfully installing,i found to my dismay that i was unable to
access those(encrypted) files and folders denying access to me,the

now i am completely unable to even view them.....

i've used certain softwares that help view NTFS files.....

I was able to open them,but,they appeared to me only in the encrypted

when i tried to decrypt them with many encrypt/decrypt softwares they
first instruct me to encrypt them and then decrypt which is really

so,any software geek who knows how to tackle such a situation may
please post ur view as i extremely need those files....
Thanx in advance..........

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I have the same problem, and i tried almost everything...taking ownership from an account that doesn't exist anymore will probably not work....any one with a bright idea? cipher command might work, i tried it but not everything though....i'm about to lose some precious stuff guys, please any help....

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