my screen display blinked on me and the resolution changed and thscrren decreased in size and has black borders and I dont know how to expand it back to a full screen. I tried going to display in the control panel but saw nothing that helped

Have you tried adjusting the horizontal and vertical size settings on the monitor itself?


If DMR's suggestion does not work you may have changed you screen propeties to centre your wallpaper. to fix this go to an area on your desktop that is open or has no icon's .......right click your mouse and select properties...... this is where you can change all the things about your desktop.... look around here and click on you can change your desktop resolution ..... try moving the slider bar in screen resolution to get a clearer picture .......also click on desktop and make sure that "position" is set to stretch ...... spend some time here and learn more about your own desktop properties.

Hope this helps

South Africa

I had the same issue..right clicking..selecting properties and changing the resolution did the trick!!...Thanx a bunch