I bought a 512 MB USB Jumpvault storage stick that has its software on the stick. I was able to access it as drive J: (found by accident). After installation, any attempt to run Jumpvault is met with the error: "No disk in drive! Insert disk!" or words to that effect. I had previously successfully run a floppy off that USB port. Jumpvault.com support is no help: pick your complaint from the dropdown lists, which are empty. This stick is being sold by a software house for $8.95.

Does it need drivers?

No, but thanks. Jumpvault suddenly started working! My Active Word program asked if I wanted to create a hot word, so I took "Jump" and it loaded and ran without the disk question. Go figure.

It's possible that the fact that you once used a floppy drive there caused Windows to query the drive "is disk loaded?" Of course, since it has no removable disk, the stick didn't know how to answer the query.

Go into the device driver menu in Control Panel and check the settings.

It's possible that some piece of software has its own memory of a floppy drive being there, and is somehow imparting this wrong info to Windows.

Thanks. It's running. I looked at Ctl Panel, and did not see device driver anywhere. The new CP with its categories is kind of dumb. But there is a Classic View tab that puts all the icons out. Closest I came was to Add Hardware and I replied It was Installed, and got a long dropdown list of numerically coded hardware. I did not see the stick there. Thank you anyway. BTW I haven't tried to see if the floppy will work again, and I have yet to back up a file. Jackpol