How can I determine what Windows 2000 is running in 16-bit memory space?

I have used a VB4 application for years that no longer works. When I try to start it, I get a message saying “Not enough room to allocate control array”. VB4 is a 16-bit program. I’ve been told that other progams an drivers are using too much 16-bit space, so the program no longer has room to run. Is there a way to see what's running in 16-bit memory?

It’s been awhile since I last used the program and I can’t remember what I’ve added to my machine since then. The program doesn’t use the registry. I’m running Windows 2000 Professional.



Use the task manager to find out how much memory is being used by what. Ctrl-Alt-Del starts the task manager.

There are several possibilities:

1. A Windows upgrade ate up the memory. Microsoft is known for creeping featurism and memoryeatitis.

2. There is some program starting itself "for your convenience".

3. Some malicious software is worming up your memory.

4. Your program uses static allocation, and the special space you allocated is no longer available.