Hi, I've recently been having a problem with XP not loading at startup. It gets to the loading screen, tries to load for about a minute, and then restarts. I've tried booting from safe mode and all that, but the same thing keeps occurring. At one point, it gave me a message that some system file is corrupted. I didn't get a chance to write down exactly what it said since it flashed by quickly.

Any advice for fixing this would be very helpful, thanks.

Have you tried using the XP installation disc to make a repair?
You can find instruction for this here.

if you can get to safe mode use your xp install disc to run
sfc /scannow

Tap F8 continously as soon as u start ur computer. choose disable auto restart on system failure option.you will get the blue screen of error. check out on the web the error code or post the error code here and u will have ur solution

also try installing malwarebyte's anti-malware. itls a pretty cool software for detecting and eliminating infections.

Best Advice. Repair windows using your installation CD and then make sure you run an updated antivirus immediately after repair.