Hi, I'm using a Sony VAIO with XP on it but I've been recently having issues with the Task Manager. When I press Alt+Ctrl+Del I get the usual Windows Security window with the 6 buttons so I press the "Task Manager" button expecting to see the list of things that are running. But recently, whenever I press that button, all I get is the realtime percentage of the CPU Usage and the CPU Usage History and that's not what I'm used to seeing.
It's possible that I accidentaly shutdown a program that I shouldn't have when I was fooling around with the Task Manager previously, but I'm not sure which program it was exactly. Could anyone give me advice on what I could do? Thanks!

There are five tabs at the top of the Task Manager. Click Applications to get what you want.

Some time ago, you clicked on Processes. It stays on the tab you used last.

well, if the problem was that easy, I wqouldn't be posting it here... There are no tabs is the thing. all it shows is the CPU usage graph. nothing else, and I mean, nothing else.

Double click on top of the task manager and all your buttons will reappear..