Hello ,
I will try cover my problem, I was using windows 98 that came with my PC had a little problem with fault errors , so went and purchased widows 2000 pro , down loaded everything was good , using 15 gig hard drive , well it took a crash ? so went and bought a new 120 gig hd tried to reload 2000 and nothing but problems, so i reloded 98 again , seemed to be ok except screen was locked at 16 color and 480x680 really sux!! so now i wanna try load 2000 again , but need drivers im told . do i go to compaq and down load drivers first before i try install 2000 again ? what info do i need ? also put in a new modum , but it seems to work , think i need driver info , where to find them ... I dont know much bout pc`s just enough to get myself more grey hair`s , any ideas , sugestion , ... please I prob need more info for someone to help with this prob , please let me know where to start

Read the thread linked in my sig. and the articles linked in that thread. They should tell you just about all you need to know!

The articles relate to installing Windows 200, but the preparation is basically the same, the installation procedures are pretty mucch the same, and yes, you should download your drivers first, and preferably save them to CD.