Hai Guys.. I have a Toshiba Satellite L500 model laptop. I had installed a new copy of Windows7 32bit OS and after that my button (Fn + F8) to turn on the wifi doesn't work. I had also changed the WLAN drivers properly but it still don't work. Please someone help me. Thank you.

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What have you tried?
Another idea is to make sure it is enabled in the bios.
if you boot up into your BIOS press F2 during Toshiba splash screen, in one of the menus will have a setting for enabling WiFi, make sure this is ENABLED.

Thanks for your help.

I had installed the toshiba utility package after that every function key combinations were become inactive. When I uninstall this package then every function key combinations are working properly except Fn+F8 and Fn+F9.I had also checked the BIOS setup and Wireless is enabled.

Is there any other way to turn the wifi on?

This may seem obvious but I gad a client with a similar machine and same problem! Eventually solved by turning on the slider switch on front of the machine to "enable" wireless mode. A number of machines have such a switch and it may be worth checking!

Sorry, I don't get what you mean by the slider switch and I can't find anything on my machine.

Thank you.

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