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but that still isnt what i am wondering, Each `input` is going to have a state eg:

`<td><input type="text" readonly="readonly" class="WV calcTax" /></td>`
`<td><input type="text" readonly="readonly" class="PA calcTax" /></td>`
`<td><input type="text" readonly="readonly" class="OH calcTax" /></td>`

Can i do one formula and have it loop through to do the math like … Reply by patk570
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I have two values in my code one is from a SQL Server query echo to the screen as formattedNum10d my second value is stored in a MySQL database and echo to the screen as formattedNum10f. In a seperate column i would like to subtract foramattedNum10f from formattedNum10d and echo … Topic by Magic8Computing in Web Development
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All very good points, Thanks guys.
Still working on it :) Reply by scheppy
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Good points rproffitt! The typical disaster plan here is unwritten and typically goes like this:

"Oh crap! There's a problem! Quick! Restore a backup!" Amazingly it works more often than I would care to admit.

Reverend Jim -- You mean something like this:

![columnIndexHell.png](/attachments/large/2/f09671fdb2eb98de01ede9b91c49f678.png "align-center")

I'm literally in column index … Reply by zachattack05
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Topic by super-duper in Software Development
I have also written cpp code for abstract data type :  it and give me suggetions if you have any.Thank you....... Reply by rucha_1
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Just an idea. Rather than trying to do two things at once, first make one work then (when you're sure the first bit is correct) concentrate on the second.

If you can't answer the question of "which part is broken?" you're going to struggle.

Install [httpie]( and then you can … Reply by pty
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Topic by Terry_8 in Software Development
An example output with a diff tool.


If you use a merging tool like [Meld]( you can interactively (and graphically) merge the two files together, combining rows that are only differ by whitespace and copying rows that exist on one side but not the other. Reply by pty
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Suggest you study the ListView class type* listview c#* in Google.
And yes it's a huge beast of a class, but eventually you may find what you want. Reply by ddanbe
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``//this program show the implementation of a sigle class
using namespace std;
class Example //class is reserved keyword and "Example is the name of class
int first_value;
int second_value; //these are data member of class with "public access modfire"
void setValue(int f,int s) //here i used … Topic by Mady_1 in Programming