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I am new to Python. I am learning boxsizer. I want to put two buttons on
my panel. One at top right corner and one at bottom right corner. …

Topic by joy_deep

This fundamental wxPython application illustrates the five simple steps you have to complete for every wxPython program you develop:
Import the integral wxPython package.
Subclass the wxPython software class.
Define …

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I am working on an app where a user registers and its passed to the server where there information is added to the database.

It passes various checks along the …

Topic by Daryl_10

Instead of

mysqli_query($con, $insertuserquery) or die("6: Insert User Query Failed");

do this:

mysqli_query($con, $insertuserquery) or die("6: Insert User Query Failed" . mysqli_error($con));

and it might tell you why it fails …

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Looking to create an asset for the Unity Asset store in C#.

I don't want to give away the source code, yet I want users to be able to purchase …

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I want to see your suggestions on comparing CPanel and FASTPANEL.

I used CPanel for some time but later I changed to FASTPANEL which is absolutely free but provides you …

Topic by Patrick_Kane

A web web hosting control panel is a web-based interface supplied through a net hosting service that permits customers to manage their servers and hosted services. … Domain Name System …

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I've recently started learning C and I have a simple program that I can't get to work. (I'm pretty sure C++ and C are similar enough at the basic level …

Topic by DaniUserJS

For C read

For C++ read
And for use of == read

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Before anyone files a bug report, we are no longer pretty printing (using javascript to add line numbers & color coding) code snippets when on mobile browsers for performance reasons. …

Topic by Dani

Looking at the posting activity you, rproffitt, and I may be the only active remanents


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I think I finally understand why Trump is doing so well (he recently pulled even with Hillary Clinton). It's only after years of shows like American Idol and America's Got …

Topic by Reverend Jim

The Deutsche Bank executive who signed off on Trump's loans has committed suicide, possibly in anticipation of being called to testify during the impeachment hearings. I suppose an obvious question …

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All Time Show Null value
Please help me what is the wrong in my code

declare @mxdbvlu  int
 declare @dbvlunm int
  set @mxdbvlu= (select max(Database_name) from TBL_FY_SELECT_1)
 if @mxdbvlu = …
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Hello i want to show the full image in a specified height div like this

        <div style="width:400px"> <img class="images" src="someimage.jpg"> </div>

i tried this

    width: 100%;