Hey so i think im having problems with the size of drives. my 250g drive shows as 230g and my 500g drive shows as 465g. is this normal? i know it should take of some space but really that much?
and also a 4.7g dvd shows as 4.3 so i cant burn a 4.5g iso
are these problems related?

its normal

a) some manufacturers define a gig as 1000mb, others as 1024 mb (1024 is actually correct as 8 bits make up a byte)

b) dive sizes arent exact due to manufacturing problems

c) some operating systems cant properley use big mediums

even with a dvd?

its 4.7gb because they say that 1gb = 1000mb
if 1gb = 1024mb then its less - 4.2


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