i have xp pro installed on my laptop

so a few days ago, i noticed that my computer had become unbelievably slow, and several programs such as msn messenger or internet explorer would not open. i havent figured out why the programs wouldnt open but as for the slow speed, i check in the task manager, and svchost was taking up a huge amount of memory, aswell as the processor capacity.

so i decided i might as well have a fresh start, and i tried reinstalling windows. only problem was that when i inserted setup disk, it wouldn't do a full format, it would get stuck at 33%, and trust me, i let it wait. i was stuck for 33% for about 3-4 hrs, b4 i decided it wasnt going anywhere. so i did a quick format, which went fine, but when i started installing xp, it wouldnt let me install a few files, saying they were corrupt. (i used this xp disk on my other computer to make sure it was fine, it instilled on my other computer easily)

so i decided id try to reinstall xp again, but this time the setup disk takes unbearably long to load (like 2 hrs just to get to the first screen). so now im stuck and dont know what to do.

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