Ok so I have been looking all over for help on this and can't find an exact answer. Hopefully you guys can help!

So I got this reburbished laptop, didn't come with any of the cd's or anything, but the guy did fresh install everything. Never gave me the cd to do that. Well I couldn't play any video games on it, and found out that in my dxdiag report, it says under the DirectX Features tab everything is greeyed out, except Test DirectRaw or what ever. So people told me I need to update my graphics card. I have a Mobilty Radeon 9600 I went to the ATI website to get the update but when I go to instal anything it says something along the lines of "thank you for downloading this program but you need to get the manufactures driver" So I go to HP support and get the graphics driver, but it doesn't change anything.

What should I do?

Example... seee?


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