So, in the last several days, my system has developed several problems.

Firstly, my printer (connected through the USB) began to print only about 1 out of every 15 tries... then not at all. (Everything gets queued, as it tells me that the printer is not connected.) It's an HP PhotoSmart 8300 (?).

Then, my MP3 player, also connected through the USB quits working. When I connect it, it makes the "new device" sound, but then quickly makes the disconnected device sound, 10-15 seconds later. While it is acknowledged, the "removable storage e drive" icon no longer shows up in the My Computer menu. I have tried reinstallation numerous times. I also have tried restoring system configuration to a time when everything worked... not so much.

The USB will, however, detect my digital camera, and that works perfectly. Any ideas?

Dell Tech Support tried to help me out and everything they did was useless. So, I'm hoping you people know a little something more.

System: 2-month old Dell Inspiron 8600 notebook
Windows XP operating system
No system updates

Install your updates. Some of them 'correct' USB problems ;)