change registry key to 0 instead 272 look like solve my problem
but the problem appear again on the next boot, so i have to change DeskHtmlVersion key again again and again everytime my computer run.

So i created small program to set DeskHtmlVersion to Zero Decimal and you must make it run every time my computer start and make DeskHtmlVersion keep to Zero Value.

I upload this file to rapidshare so download it guys…
Download This File

just follow this step :

1. Download and extrak the arcive, you will see DeskHtmlVersionToZero.exe and you have to make it to run on every time computer start, so follow next step.

2. Copy DeskHtmlVersionToZero.exe to C:\WINDOWS\system32\

3. Type regedit on StartMenu > RUN

4. Goto HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run

5. Create String Key, give it name DeskHtmlVersionToZero

6. Fill The Value with C:\WINDOWS\system32\DeskHtmlVersionToZero.exe

7. Restart Computer.

8. To Check it, type msconfig on StartMenu > RUN, goto startup tab, you will see DeskHtmlVersionToZero on your startup program.

9. And Check that Your DeskHtmlVersion Keep in Zero Value.

If u like it please give me comments

hi new here

need a alternate solution as it didnt worked

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