hey everyone,
my exchange server just went down and when it rebooted itself, its not mounting either the mailbox store or public folders store...i'm trying to build an offline server but one thing i thought of is, i did have a successful backup last night of my information store and my server rebooted itself once since the full backup and the stores mounted fine. now it rebooted itself again and the stores wont mount. its giving me the error of "the database files in this store are corrupted, ID no: c104173b".....so i'm assuming my priv1.db or my pub1.db are corrupted. would it be a bad move to just restore from last nights backup or whats the best way to go about this....please help! thank you!

or is it possible to run eseutil on my production server and have it repair whatever became corrupt?? i may try that first, then try to do a restore, if that fails, from last night and only lose this mornings emails....but i'm thinking if it was backed up last night, it was successful, it went down once since the backup and came up fine, the backup should be good, right? thanks!