Hi, I am a problem with streaming audio... I cant hear it using any program...

The problem started a week ago ( I have been listening to the same station for about 6 months) and i have tried everything, ie. updating sound card driver, reloading WMP, downloading new codecs... I even got the direct feed and still nothing...

Any help would be greatly appreciated...

Thanks in advance


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Is sound affected in any other way?

Does sound work when you play local (files on your computer) MP3, WAV, or WMA files?

Did you install any new software just before the problem started occuring?


Try reinstalling sound card by placing it in other PCI Slot, Remove the sound driver, shutdown the computer remove the sound card and place it in other PCI Slot, if this doesnt work c whether the problem is with ur speakers


Do you mind sharing with us what you did that fixed the problem? It could help someone else that has the same problem.


Well to tell you the truth,

in addition to the usual

(reseting the comp., reinstalling the sound card driver, reinstalling WMP 10, check for spyware, viruses and bugs, and download every codec that I didnt already have)

which didnt work...

I downloaded Jetaudio

Daniweb Freeware List

I dont know why WMP doesnt work...

but I got around it so...

I'm happy... :-)


Well Jetaudio works so I will be using it for streaming audio instead of WMP 10

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