I just reformatted my computer because I was getting sick of my computer being slow. After I refomatted to Windows XP Home Edition everything seem to run fine. But when i tried to install my sound driver from dell that i got off the website, it freezes and my screen goes blank. This also happens when I try to install my ATI radeon 9200 series driver. One time a blue screen came up saying I was having problems with the atidvag.dll file. I just can't understand whats going on.


Thanks in advance to anyone that responds.

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yeah i fixed it by lowering my hardware acceleration then installing it....but now i have a problem wiht playing Counter-Strike 1.6, it just freezes when i load it up...someone please help

i have a dell and to install the ATI Catalyst stuff i need to perform windwows update first as it requires the .NET2 Framework which is not installed by default on XP SP2

Get the newest ATI drivers off the ATI/AMD site, that might help

yeah the newest drivers don't help, im getting so mad that i cant figure out why counter-strike isn't working for me...

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