I have a windows xp service pack 1
My keyboard is really messed up some times it puts everything in caps and ever once in a while it enters the ctrl button (I know this because whenever ctrl is pressed the mouse gets circled). Sometimes it enters alt to becuase ill be typing and the print menu will pop up or the find text thing. Also I do not know if it is relateded when im trying to copy text on the internet it will select everything to where I clicked.


Perhaps it needs cleaning? Turn the keyboard upside down, hold it up in the air and smack it on the bum a few times, to dislodge any debris and gunk that might be caught under the keys.

I'll try I took my keyboard apart about 2 months ago but i don think that had any thing to do with it because we did that to help the problem.(taking it apart didnt work)

Have you tried using a different keyboard, to see if another one works OK? That's the only way to tell if the problem is hardware or software. Keyboards are quite inexpensive ;)

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