Hi everyone. I have a D-LINK DIR-300 router with 4 LAN and WI-FI. It's acting very strange lately. It is connected to a UPS battery and the one LAN connection is in surge protection.
Here are the symptoms:
- Every 2 days it just loses connection. I have to reboot it so to make the connection working. It's a little bit annoying after awhile.
- One day one of the LEDs started like fading away and came back up (the one that signals the LAN connection).
- When all the LEDs were properly working and the connection was good also, I moved the the power adapter cord a little bit at some part (I didn't plugged it out) and some of the LEDs gone (Internet connection LED and Wireless) but all the other LEDs were working. Of course there wasn't connection either.

These consumer based routers can fail after time. It sounds like the power connector inside the router may be siifhtly damaged since wiggling it causes an issue.

With regard to the first issue, again maybe the wireless radio is starting to fail and generate erodes where a reboot temporarily clears the issue. You may want to check if your router is up to date on it's firmware. If not update it.