I am receiving the null parameter/serializationStream error message when I try to access my hp Imaging Gallery on my Dell Dimension 4600 computer on which I have Windows XP Home.

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I am receiving the null parameter/serializationStream error message when I try to access my hp Imaging Gallery on my emachines 5260 computer on which i have windows xp home.any ideas to fix.

Regarding the error message on HP Image Zone:
PARAMETER CANNOT BE NULL, PARAMETER NAME: SERIALIZATIONSTREAM that renders the program un-openable, you should try this!

I am no computer expert by any means, just your average home computer user, but I FOUND A VERY SIMPLE FIX that worked for me and is definitely worth a try! I have a PSC 1350 and my Image Zone program started showing this error after working perfectly for 8 months! I, too, have spent an entire week and given up sleep trying to find information from HP, Microsoft, and Best Buy Geek Squad to no avail. I have removed and downloaded the printer at least 50 times, in several different ways including level 2 and level 4 removal. I have downloaded every patch & update available for both Microsoft and HP. I have searched every forum, googled the error, and tried every piece of advice that I have come across. I was about to dump my hard drive, and in my quest to figure out how to back up my hard drive to a disk, I came across this simple solution that requires NO UNINSTALLING OR REINSTALLING of anything.

1. Right click on your Image Zone icon on the desktop and click Properties
2. The target listed should look like this
"C:\Program Files\HP\Digital Imaging\bin\hpqthb08.exe" What you need to write down is the last part (hpqthb08.exe) remember, your file may be different than mine which I am using as an example.
3. Go to your start menu, click on settings, and open your control panel.
4. Double click on Administrator Tools
5. Double click on Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 Wizards shortcut and a window will pop up with 3 options …select “Fix an Application
6. Locate the file you previously wrote down in step 2 and double click on it
7. The wizard should ask you to if you would like to restore the file, click yes and follow the rest of the prompts (I can't remeber them) until it leads you to run the file in “Safe Mode and select that option.

This is all it took to get my Image Zone to run as usual, no more error message. Let me also note that I am running Windows XP and do not have Service Pack 2 installed. I hope it is as easy as this for you to fix this most frustrating and unexplainable problem. Good Luck!!!

I just wan to tell everyone that I too had the same error message come up out of the blue. I tried to uninstall several times, I tried to use system restore several times and nothing worked. Then I tried the solution that this gentlemen said helped him and at first i tried it several times to no avail. I got up this morning to give it 1 more try.I went through every step just like he said and viou la It WORKED. THANKS VERY MUCH. Iwas having to scan my pictures for my eBay auctions on another computer with a program I wasn't familiar with. tHIS SITE THAT i HAVE JUST BECOME A MEMBER AND THE GUY HERE WAS A gODSEND TO ME AND LET ME THANK YOU AGAIN FOR HELPING ME!!!:)

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