Hello all. A new poster here. Seems like quite the community you all have here. Congrats!

I have a tech question I need help with. I recently flashed/updated my Bios. Everything went smoothly with the exception of my mouse not working through the PS/2 port. It is a Logitech MX1000 mouse with a USB plug. I am using a PS/2 port with this mouse by using an adapter plug since if the mouse is plugged directly into a USB port the accuracy of the pointer is not nearly as high, it tends to jump...go figure for an $80 mouse... :( In any case, after the successful Bios flash the Mouse does not work through the PS/2 port but does through the USB port, albeit with a jumpy pointer. My question is, how do I re-enable the PS/2 port to start working again and why would it have stopped working??

Thanks in advance,

Attila, Vancouver Canada.

I suppose re-flashing the BIOS to an earlier version is the only solution??

Reflashing to an earlier BIOS was the solution. My PS/2 port is now working again. Thanks all. :mrgreen:

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