Hi, I have recently had to reinstall Windows XP. Since I have done that, I cannot get access to MS Outlook as well as other applications. ALL of my documents, images etc.. do remain on the drive because I didn't format, I chose the option to leave the file system intact during the reinstallation of Win XP (home edition). My main concern is retrieving my diary events, contacts and tasks from Outlook. I have managed to locate the Contacts.pst file but can't find any other files relating to my diary, tasks for outlook etc.. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


If you have located the .pst file that Outlook was previously using this article includes intructions for importing the data back into Outlook:


Unfortunately, sometimes there is data loss when performing a 'Refresh' install of Windows XP (In-Place Upgrade). Data should really be backed up before performing the process of re-installation, for safety's sake. I hope the .pst file you've found is the one you need.