Hi to all-
I'm new in these parts, my first post. Also, I'm probably the lowest-tech guy on the forum (which will become painfully apparent very soon).

I have a power point presentation that I use with clients. After presenting a couple concepts, I have to shift to a software program that does mathematical calculations in order to substantiate the concept. After that, I go back to the ppt, explain a couple more concepts then back to the calculation software etc, etc.......

The challenge with doing this, is in making the change from ppt to calc software, the slide show must be reduced from presentation mode back into Power Point. Then, of course, I open the calc software from the task bar.

Here's the point of the whole matter: When the slide show goes from presentation mode back into PPT, my clients can see all the upcoming slides in the entire presentation - I don't want them to mentally get ahead of the process, but this inevitably happens. However, if the task bar was visible while viewing the slide show presentation, that would solve the issue as I could just open the calc software from the task bar while the slide show was still in presentation mode. And then when done with the calcs, I could minimize that software & be right back into ppt presentation mode.

Can someone tell me if it is possible for the task bar to be visible while running a ppt slide show? If so, how do I get this done? Thanks in advance for any help.

The only thing I can think of to make the taskbar visible is is the Windows setting "Taskbar always on top."

But Alt-tab switches tasks without the taskbar. I just tested it, and it works.