hi all,

i just reinstalled xp and sp2. my problem is xp wont recognize my second hard drive (300gb) which has 3 partitions and all my data. it does recognize the full drive but with 1 partition and keeps telling me i need to format to use.

i have reinstalled xp and sp2 before with no problems. but for whatever reason, this time it will not recognize the 3 partitions. keeps telling me to format to use.

i have checked bios and drive seems fine. i have changed drive letter but no luck. i have reinstalled xp and sp2 twice now thinking i did something wrong the first time but still no luck.

can anyone help??? thanks....

Post a few details... drive types, IDE or Sata, for eg.

main drive 80gb (no partition)... second drive 300gb with 3 partitions. both drives are ide and were ntfs before the reinstall but when i click property for my second drive it saids raw with 0 data and no partition.

its weird cuz i reinstalled a week ago and everything was fine after i installed sp2. the reason i reinstalled again today was i got this spyware or virus that i couldnt get rid of and it was freeezing my comp.

Did you change the master slave configuration? Did you check to see if the IDE cable was plugged in properly? You might try another calbe.

Did you reformat or wipe the drive prior to reinstalling the OS?