My PC is a Celeron 1.70 GHz with 112 MB RAM, running Windows XP Home Edition (version 2002) / Service Pack 1.
My question: Should I install the new Service Pack 2 (SP2) ? :rolleyes:
What if I don´t and keep getting notices from Microsoft about Windows updates ? :rolleyes:
What if I do - what exactly are the consequences ? :rolleyes:

The answer to that for most people is yes, but you should first read through this thread for possible consequences and to make sure your system meets the minimum requirements:

You've already taken one important step by cleaning up the malware on your system (thread In that thread you stated your system was running slow, and I now see part of the reason for that -- you barely have enough memory for XP to run well. Also, 112MB is an odd number for RAM, are you sure it's not 128MB? If you can increase it to 256MB or more, I think your computer will run much better.

Hope this helps some.

It will be shared with an onboard graphics card. often an S3 proSavage or other similar
onboard graphics chip.

And i agree 100%. You need to add more memory.
My girlfriends PC has 112MB DDR RAM and its so slow, the thing damn near goes backwards. :eek: :rolleyes:

OK, looks like my PC needs more RAM memory right? I still haven´t read the threads dhl 6213 recommended, but promise to do so.....

I'd recommend Win2k with that kind of RAM. You definately need to go get some more, at least 256. That is an odd number for RAM.

It's gotta be a 128Mb module, with 16Mb used for onboard video ;)