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Linting is going smoothly because we are using the super-linter docker image on the Microsoft-hosted Azure DevOps agent. However, we must export these logs outside the agent and prepare the output of the super-linter execution. We'll attempt to make a dashboard for the problems that the linter is looking for. …

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Implement a very basic scheduler for a multi-tenant solution using AWS lambda. Tenant A - Execution frequency - 5mins - calls(doMyJob - lambda function) Tenant B - Execution Frequency - 10mins - calls(doMyJob - lambda function) Tenant C - Execution Frequency - 10mins - calls(doMyJob - lambda function) This schedule …

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Anyone knows about AWS (Amazon Web Service), what is the plus point compare to normal web ? Is it: - AI (Artificial Intelligence) - IoT (Internet of Things) I also have a question what is the difference between Hadoop Apache and the normal Apache in most web hosting? Thanks in …

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I need to store videos and pictures somewhere. I host my sites on shared hosting because they don't require much power and shared hosting can handle them just fine (for now). I'm planning to create something new that requires video and picture uploading. So I need storage space to upload …

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Werner Vogel, Amazon Web Services (AWS) CTO, speaking at the AWS Summit in London yesterday has made the rather amazing claim that security in the cloud is "much stronger" than anything you can have on-premises. As someone who has been writing about information security for more than 20 years, and …

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Hi Guys, We are testing our site in Amazon AWS and site is built in PHP uses Apache and Mysql. My problem is i have 2 instances(say source and destination). I want to move file from source instance to destination instance(or say create a file on dest instance from the …

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[URL="http://aws.amazon.com"]Amazon Web Services[/URL] (AWS) uses it. [URL="http://www.elastichosts.com"]Elastichosts[/URL] uses it. [URL="http://www.google.com"]Google[/URL] uses it. Yahoo uses it. [URL="http://www.engineyard.com"]Engine Yard[/URL] uses it. [URL="http://www.facebook.com"]Facebook[/URL] uses it. "It" is Linux, of course. But what else do all these companies have in common? If you said "cloud technology," you're correct. Perhaps the best known of all …

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At the risk of coming off like TV's "[url=http://www.amctv.com/originals/madmen/]Mad Men[/url]," Amazon Web Services really are New and Improved. The company today announced the addition of [url=http://aws.amazon.com/rds/]Amazon Relational Database Service[/url], giving users of Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) access to a virtual instance of MySQL. That's the New part. Improvements include …


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