sudo dd if=./linuxmint-17.1-cinnamon-64bit.iso of=/dev/sdd bs=1M

You copied a file (image) to a device, not a partition - everything under the iso is hosed, the partition table has been rewritten. Why do they nick dd the data destroyer? beats me...
Anyway.... Linux conforms to the ntfs spec, so the backup table will be overwritten, also. What will remain are the old sector boundaries that have not actually been overwritten (by your iso or other) for all old partitions - TestDisk can find those using its sector search (Deeper Search).
You must recognise the valid from all that it finds, and write them to the table. Of course, the new partition sector will be the first valid one. Your searches can be quicker if all your partitions were written to cylinder boundaries (XP spec); if not necessarily so (Vista, W7 spec), then the search is quite slow.
Each boundary sector (there are beginning and end sectors) contains a table with beginning and end info for that partition, and the MFT location. You need those MFTs - without them, files are simply lost. Testdisk can read file tables, but not rebuild them. So if you choose an incorrect boundary then TD will likely not find that partition's FT (you test by checking file lists, contents).
When satisfied, you write the table. Not correct? Nothing more is lost, but time - you do it all again.
As for your OS, 1.4GB is a lot to lose; there is an excellent possibility that your FT ...

Deceptikon, be in awe of Jorge.

Yes, latest Win to Flash is loaded.
So you get around it. You keep only the one language (409 is English), Logs, Options, EULA, .ico, and the exe.
And then no problems with adwares, add-ons.
Of course, there is also Rufus. I think it might even be better. Faster, anyway. It's what I use.

W10. I could worry that it is going to be regarded as a service. You know, something like electricity, gas, water, for which you pay a monthly bill. M$ would like that, is probably moving to it... W10 is a free upgrade from W7 & W8, but...wait for it..."W10 will be free for the first 12 months".
But I won't worry, actually, cos am sticking with XP.
Suck on that M$.

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Everything that is legal you will find here:
I don't know from your post whether you are attempting to unlock someone's PW, or to unlock from a provider. Certainly they will guide you to unlocking from a provider. But then, often too, will the provider if you pay a fee or a certain time has elapsed. In PNG it is possible that your provider is TLS? - in which case, the last advice does apply. Check xda for your model, visit the forums.
Okay, from your topic header, it's a password unlocking you seek... Mobile phones are computers - you can ...k, I'll stop here.

commented: Please kindly help if you any idea. Ma sista locked it & cannot remember the code she entered. +0

When a lappie does that it is almost always a heat problem. If you must use it on your lap, keep your legs apart. On a desk - prop it at the back.
Still does it, then pop off the base cover around the fan and heatsink and remove the dust and fur. Nobody takes manufacturers to task over it, so they see no need to improve the venting.

I'm reading this as someone who is annoyed by people wearing and using bluetooth gear. Even strangers. Company risks a bricking. By "certified nerds" I know you mean top-hole nerds who have been certified as unfit to be in public places. People who really know me turn off their mobile phones when spending time with me. Okay, I'm so old fashioned. But I know and understand the hierarchy of importance, and the concept of politeness.
Glass was just a wrong turn in the employment of technology. I'm thinking smart watches will recognised as such, too, one day.

Could be any of three or four things...
-dust-laden heatsinks - brush and vacuum/blow clean
-driver software corrupted - reload it.
-faulty RAM - test it with Memtest86+
-faulty video card - stress test it with Furmark
I'd probably do those things in that order. Putting the worse news toward last...

Ye-es... but somewhat slowly cos of not much RAM, and a slow CPU. But there are tablets designed for W8 specced like your system.

Anyway, from the tenor of your post I'm guessing that you do not have a backup disk drive right now. Not just a partition on your main hdd... that just does not cut it as backup at all. A separate hdd for backups and warehousing of stuff is safer. So use it for that. You could even put your main page file on it as an outer (first) partition to speed your sys a little, with still a small one on your main hdd.
If you don't put a page file on it, but just use it for backups and warehousing then set it in power options to shut down after, say, 10 minutes, because you will likely set your backup software to run just once daily. Less wear and tear on a seldom used drive. With ten minutes, if you are doing incremental backups every 5 or so minutes on some important file as you use it, it will stay on for the duration.

"I just Reinstalled Windows 8.1"
So where was the loader for the malware?

You can see Grub's command prompt. Now you need to locate your /boot directory. I think this should show it (throughout I am assuming that partition 4 from your Diskmgmt pic is the Linux partition):
ls (hd0,3)/
-you should see vmlinuz initrd.img and boot/
If that doesn't show /boot etc, then ls (hd0,tabkey) will list the drive options. Search the likely one with ls.
So then you would run:
root (hd0,3)
kernel /vmlinuz root=/dev/sda4
initrd /initrd.img

Did that boot ubuntu?
(Grub counts from zero, linux from "a" and one)
ls is LS....

commented: Its good there are still people like you that seem to understand all of this.. I'll stick with VMs +12

It will be buried inside one of your Chrome add-ons. Delete the lot and reload the ones you want.

I think, Dani, that it is around about now that you should consider introducing a lock to threads older than, say, one month, with perhaps a special request from the OP needed to enable reinstatement.
Yes, I know there is that long-running whopper commenced by HappyGeek about the life, times and near-death experience of XP, but you could tag such as exempt.
If he ever dares start one like that for Vista I would not expect it to arouse such fervour.

And so long ago, it probably doesn't even smell bad now.

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Aw, heck... I thought the chap hoping to make a living writing batch files would have helped you with this. Because you mention dir I assume you are using the cmd window? Well, these two lines in a batch file will give you a listing.. put it on your desktop and simply drag any drive or folder from explorer into it.
dir %1 | more +3 >> c:\test.txt
start c:\test.txt
With a bit of fiddling you can remove the leading date/time charaters also.

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If some page constructs (forms, elements, graphics...) like... as you mention, .gif files are not sometimes displaying correctly then it can often be as a result of poor page scripting, and minor/major incompatibilities with the browser you are using. Browsers differ. There is Google's Chromium Project which is setting up to become an open source standard for browser development, and both Opera 25 and Chrome draw from it. Do not expect all page features to work on it/them. As an example, I do not bother trying to open banking sites with Opera 25 - the result is too hit and miss. Firefox - open source, and extreme. It never fails to work with any web page in my experience; I use it for banking and other "sensitive" sites.
Try loading the same pages in different browsers and note how the treatment can vary. It shouldn't, but occasionally does. Html5 is the newest standard, not all browsers fully handle it; MPEG support varies, and so on.
I stick with an older version of Firefox (28) because I don't like not being able to hide Navigator bars as is not possible with the 30 series. Sure, there is full screening via menu or F11, but then you lose the Taskbar. And strangely enough , full screening varies too. You will find the whole screen used, but elements not expanding to take advantage of it. Horses for courses.
Anyway, try another browser... Firefox?.., and then which version series...? because with browsers what you ...

An administrator does not normally have access to the personal files of other users, those in their My Documents folder. But it's a computer, the stuff is there....

It does pay, once in a blue moon, to check AV review and test sites. Windows Defender is non-competitive, ranks lowly because it is basic protection. Try av-comparitives for objective tests and comparisons, or "commercial" sites for somewhat subjective reviews (that is just the nature of their reviews). If you are using free, then check the ratings for such AVs. Free sometimes is not the same AV engine.

There is Java, and there is Javascript. Totally different.
Some applications use/require Java, and some applications that are run through websites for specific purposes, oh... like share trading displays, engineering functions and so forth. Most people don't require Java at all. It is not related to browsers, but some sites do invoke it. After Adobe products it is generally a user's biggest security risk, so if you do not specifically need it, don't install it. Javascript... used on many webpages - a lot of features (like some logins etc) will not work if it is not allowed in the browser's settings. Generally useful to "enhance your webpage viewing pleasure". Not much more a risk than is html.

You remove the password; the owner will of course notice this.
Look, it's a Windows OS; if you lose the laptop, it is OWNED by the taker, so don't use complex login passwords. They are NO protection at all. Your favourite food, dog, town.. anything simple will do.

Oh dear. Mods!!
I don't think that this site is one that encourages the use of "loaders". And a Loader will not make your Windows genuine, it will merely make it appear so by modifying the BIOS certificate to one from an OEM. But it's Microsoft's war, not mine...

Right. I have never resolved whether the stress of being assessed on points-heavy projects or major examinations was a valid test of work-readiness. Your real-world performance assessment is rather like the internship doctors must go through. Good luck with it.

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"safely kept in the City Hall's vault for some reason"
Gosh. Just... gosh. Microsoft has an official download site for the W7 installer flavours. Free....

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Finally, eBay are realising the consequences and possible damage to their reputation and bank balance, and risk to clients' digital security....
"It said it would be contacting users to alert them of the issue via email, its website, adverts and social media.
A spokesman added that the firm's engineers were in the process of rolling out a feature that would oblige members to choose new passwords when they next logged in, which should be live in each of the countries eBay operated in by the end of the day." -from BBC.
To Blackmiau, and others, EBay hackers stole password hashes and logins. Right now, they would be running decryption software, or have sold the info to those who will. PCWorld, in an experiment with realworld password hashes and realworld hacker/decryption experts, showed just how efficient the process can be. If decryption is happening, you can be sure that they have cracked many tens of thousands per day. Hence the now-forced password change.
""The database... included eBay customers' name, encrypted password, email address, physical address, phone number and date of birth," it said." -BBC. That is a lot of identifying information. Given that some people use the same password across several sites requiring such, and combine it with their email address to complete a login, the damage is very real, and not just to EBay.
Ok, so credentials of some personnel were stolen, giving the hackers a free ride. But two weeks to come clean and take action? Gee... Makes you ...

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Note that AVG 2014 Free recco by PCWorld, tcll... :)

Well, you go and torrent it somewhere. You won't get any advice from here for that cracked OS.
Other than that, I spose...
And if you get burned with something nasty in it, you won't get help with that, either. More advice. Sigh.

I do gotta say.... if cars were like bloody computer systems then NOBODY would drive.
You can replace "cars" with any other convenience you normally take for granted. When electric sewing machines first appeared the motors were simply bolted on the outside, and the belt drive went to them instead of to the treadle wheel. For all best efforts, personal computers are still at that stage.

commented: eh... computers are more like cut/paste work to me... but I agree. :) +2

Clean. But...
-Remove all old Javas with JavaRa [free] and update to 7.51 [or go to the Java site, update and then run their test/old Java uninstaller tool]. Old Java installations are one of the two greatest security issues.
-Clear your MBAM quarantine.

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Well, hats off to Symantec for proving that average is not beyond reach.

I am not sure that XP will die easily, and I'm pretty sure that this thread won't, either.