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Hi I'm trying to complete this assignment and I don't understand how this PHP thing works. I can't get the value of the check box to populate and I can't get the sales tax to calculate either. He is what I have so far: <!DOCTYPE html> <!-- testproblem.html --> <html …

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[ATTACH=right]16373[/ATTACH]Lately there's been lots of buzz over how to keep the flood of online content coming and allow the people and companies that create it to eat, too. This led the Center for the Digital Future at USC's Annenberg School to rehash an old meme in its [URL="http://www.digitalcenter.org/pdf/2010_digital_future_final_release.pdf"]annual report[/URL] released …

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Hey everyone, I don't have any code but I was wondering if it was possible to have a list of houses or properties for sale and have it connected to google maps to show the location. Is there anyway to do this in php? Sorry for the lack of knowledge. …

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Research from ecommerce solutions provider SellerDeck (which used to be known as Actinic Desktop) has revealed the top ten ecommerce turn-offs that online retailers need to avoid at all costs if they are to turn clicks into sales. ![sellerdeck](/attachments/small/0/sellerdeck.jpg "align-right") At the very top of the avoid list comes insecurity. …

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Help Need Vb Emplyee Record Program With My sql Connection example employee record database program add button ,editbutton,delete button all work will bhe done thru sql table connections

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I am new to VB and working on a homework assignment that I’ve seen posted in years past. The threads were aged a year or more so I’m starting a new discussion. I am writing a program that allows me to enter sales for 5 stores and display a bar …

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[URL="http://www.web-strategist.com/blog/2010/07/27/altimeter-report-the-8-success-criteria-for-facebook-page-marketing/"]Altimeter Group's recently released report[/URL] establishes eight criteria for measuring success with Facebook page marketing and used the criteria to measure thirty brands, finding that the majority aren't making the most of their Facebook pages.[ATTACH]16178[/ATTACH]Pamper's, Macy's, Kohl's and AXE, on the other hand, were brands successfully using Facebook marketing to …

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DaniWeb recently attended the ANA Digital and Social Media Conference in New York City which brought into focus just how much social media has become a powerful marketing technique. With speakers from companies including RadioShack, Coca-Cola and FedEx, a powerful message was broadcast: social media used to be a thermometer, …

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Im thinking about making a little system for an imaginary retailer, Im going to have a section for the employers and there sales figures, Was just wondering If there was something like an import function for graphs? Im a bit of a noob so go easy

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. Windows-7 - 32-bit upgrade to 64-bit - I have 32-bit Win-7 Home premium. Is there an UpGrade to Win-7 64-bit Home Premium or PRO - **without starting over and paying the full cost** to MicroSoft? . "Branded" versions of Win-7 PRO - these are sold at a much lower …

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public class InputData { String[] descr = {"Apples", "Bananas", "Berries", "Grapes", "Lemons", "Lime", "Melons", "Nectarines", "Oranges", "Peaches", "Pears", "Plums", "Strawberries", "Watermelon", "Asparagus", "Broccoli", "Cabbage", "Carrots", "Cauliflower", "Celery", "Corn", "Garlic", "Lettuce", "Mushrooms", "Onions", "Peppers", "Potato", "Squash", "Sweet Potato", "Tomatoes", "Zucchini", "Cherries", "Mixed Fruit", "Peaches", "Pears", "Pineapples", "Asparagus", "Carrots", "Corn", "Greenbeans", "Peas", …

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I am using cPanel webmail interface to acces my company's email but I was requested to change the webmail branding with my company logo and color theme. I found out there are 3rd party web mail application that I can plugin into cPanel but I cant find one. Can you …

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A retail company must file a monthly sales tax report listing the sales for the month and the amount of sales tax collected. Write a program that asks for the month, the year, and the total amount collected at the cash register (that is, product sales plus sales tax). The …

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Hello all! I have hit a small bump in my development of a program I am working on. Basically what I need to happen is this; for each item in the listview it executes a SQL query to input values into a database. In this case it pulls the quantity …

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> **I want to store session of employee that is employee id when employee login with username and password store employee id as session using vb.net** > **i have a form where employee enter his username and password after entering he must select new form from control panel when he …

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hey all iv have an assignment(wrtie an employee payroll program) which iv seen alot of other people have posted about so sorry for bringing it up again but im stuck. Iv made the program and it runs fine but it always calculates grosspay and netpay as 0.0 everything else (firstname …

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Hi, I was wondering if somone could let me know the best method of sending video by email? Is a specilist bulk mail service provider required or can video files just be compressed and sent by normal mail? What is the best software to use? Look forward to hearing from …

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Waaah, i got a project, but I can't get it write, i'm not bad at programming but,it's just happen my professor is really busy. teaching is just his part-time job. I can remember we stop the discussion somewhere introducing objects.. but haven't really discussed about things lets go back to …

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Hi, I have seen in couple of places the code where ToString() method has been overriden. Like : class Employee : IComparable<Employee> { public int Salary { get; set; } public string Name { get; set; } public int CompareTo(Employee other) { if (this.Salary == other.Salary) { return this.Name.CompareTo(other.Name); } …

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Friends i want to submit project in my college on employee management system.... front end should be c# and back end sql server 2008... i got one project on net but its backend is microsoft access I want to change this to sql server 2008.... what changes i have to …

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I have two product brand. For example:- Product A - Nestle Brand (Table A) Product B - Cadbury Brand (Table B) I have an order table with the attributes: -id -orderNo -foreign key reference to table A -foreign key reference to table B -quantity -createdDate The data base on the …

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I'm an SEO freelancer. I would like to start working online in my field and I'm looking for a site that connects freelancers to clients. I heard about Fiverr, but the price of $5 per service is very low for me and, on the other hand, I don't want to …

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Hello Everyone; I am asked to draw dfd for Employee Monitoring System. Before it, there is a question about the methodology that I should use. I think it is more likely to use Waterfall model, because of the time schedules in the system. Anyway, I might be wrong, can you …

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hh.. how can i get the value accumulated from the date i select from datetimepicker1 to datetimepicker2 in vb.net and mysql? the value here refers to the daily sales and i need to find the total sales between the range dates that i choose.. please help me..as im beginner and …

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I have an independent film website that I am continuously improving to make the experience for the users better. So initially starting this websites, I thought that having great content would bring in a lot of organic traffic. After a few months, that's not the case. I get a great …

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[B]ERROR RECEIVED:[/B] [B][COLOR="Red"]NullReferenceException was unhandled [/COLOR][/B] Object reference not set to an instance of an object. And it points on the particular line: [B][I]dsNewRow = ds.Tables("Employees").NewRow()[/I][/B] [CODE]Imports System.Data.OleDb Public Class Register Public cn As New OleDbConnection Public rd As OleDbDataReader Public da As New OleDbDataAdapter Public ds As New DataSet …

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A sale begins with a relationship with a customer. What is the fastest way to establish that relationship. With social media or a blog? Blogs are relatively static and rely on the user to visit the Blog. Social media is immediate. Update alerts are pushed to the customer when they …

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[I]Hello all, I am looking for some help writing an application with the following attribuutes: An online retailer sells five products whose retail prices are as follows: 1. Product 1, $2.98 2. Product 2, $4.50 3. Product 3, $3.98 4. Product 4, $4.49 5. Product 5, $6.87 Write an application …

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